Maaretta Jaukkuri Foundation

Maritea Dæhlin (1986) alternates between living and working in Norway and Mexico. She is interested in human behaviors, emotions, rituals and encounters. Her work spans between devised theater, video performance, performance art and text. Her art comes off as playful, minimal, non-linear and sometimes absurd. She also organizes and curates meeting points involving other artists, as residencies, talks and workshops.

Dæhlin's studies include a BA in Devised Theatre w/Digital Arts at Dartington College of Arts in England (2007-2010) and a 2-year acting course at Nordic Black Express in Oslo (2005-2007). Her work has been shown at venues such as Black Box teater (Oslo), Kunstbanken - Hedmark Kunstsenter (Hamar), Center for Performance Research (New York), Centro Cultural España (Mexico City), RAS-Regional Arena for Samtidsdans (Sandnes), No Nation Gallery (Chicago), Central School of Speech and Drama (London), Defibrillator Gallery (Chicago), and San Agustin Arts Centre (Oaxaca). Maritea is currently a recipient of arbeidsstipend for young artists by Norsk Kulturråd (2019 and 2020).

Soh Tokunaga (1985) spent most of his childhood in Japan and his adult life in Southern Mexico. He has always been passionate about creating things with his hands and has since many years ago worked making heandstitched leather shoes. Apart from making shoes he creates leather accessories, Waraji: traditional Japanese sandals made with natural materials, objects in wood and costumes made of recycled materials. He has also made houses with an ecological focus and has a 15 year old practice in Capoeira Angola. His own brand is called QQ.

I usually dont say I am a designer, as it is not the core of how I identify myself. I have an idea that there are many designers that don't know how to produce themselves and for me the design is the surface, every product I make comes from a function, comfort and from its technical needs. Whiles I follow this search of function, simplicity and comfort, I feel that it is from there that beauty will come. So I don´t believe that I have to start with beauty, because I follow my own road which will then lead me to beauty. I like to call myself a shoemaker as thats where I come from professionally and I have a huge passion for keeping alive the shoemaker tradition and leather work created with handstitching.