Maaretta Jaukkuri Foundation

Saastamoinen foundation

MJF has recieved generous support for our Fellows programme from the finnish Saastamoinen Foundation. 

Saastamoinen Foundation has generously agreed to support three years of the Maaretta Jaukkuri Fellows programme of invited artists and thinkers to our building and land in Kvalnes, Lofoten. We are exited for this collaboration in the coming years. MJF's fellows programme started with artist Shoji Kato, who is spending time in our building may - june 2018. We encourage each of our visiting Fellows to contribute freely to our ongoing archive of shared thinking and research, parts of which will also be made available online.

Saastamoinen Foundation works for the benefit of Finnish science and art. They are among Finland’s most important art buyers and enablers of scientific research. Saastamoinen believe in transparency, internationalisation, expertise, and continuity, and these values shape the support we offer to artists, researchers, art institutions and ground-breaking scientific projects. The foundation has firmly anchored itself in Finnish society by promoting the work of those active in the fields of science and art, and by extending new networks both in Finland and internationally.