Maaretta Jaukkuri Foundation

Support for MJF Fellows

MJF has recieved generous support from Kone Foundation for three years of our Fellows programme


Kone Foundation has generously agreed to support three years of the Maaretta Jaukkuri Fellows programme of invited artists and thinkers to our building and land in Kvalnes, Lofoten. Our Fellows programme will start in 2018, the list of participants is to be announced on the website. We encourage each visitor to contribute freely to our ongoing archive of shared thinking and research, parts of which will also be made available online.

The goal of Kone Foundation, founded in 1956, is to advance bold initiatives in research and the arts. It is an independent and unaffiliated organisation, which awards grants to promote academic research, culture, art and the popularisation of research, maintains the Saari Residence for artists and researchers and organises various events. Kone Foundation pursues active arts and research policies, and it is constantly seeking and providing alternatives to the mainstream.